For a Clean Energy Future:

Intelligent Energy Storage.

Nikola Power's software makes batteries smarter — delivering savings and efficient battery management to renewable energy customers.


Our Solutions

Nikola Power provides full-service energy storage solutions for commercial, municipal, and utility customers. Whether you’re a large business or a school, you can count on us to do the difficult work to access the benefits of batteries.



Years of Experience



Megawatts of Clean Energy



Thousand Tons of Co2 Saved


Our Mission

We believe a 100% renewable energy-powered world is possible — Nikola Power is committed to making that vision a reality by creating a purpose-driven business for social good.


Our Technology

Our proprietary algorithms were developed in-house by Nikola Power engineers and by the University of Colorado's High Capacity Battery Research & Test Laboratory. Our technology improves the financial performance of energy storage projects through the precise forecasting of weather and load and optimization of battery dispatch.


Intellect EMS

Intellect a next-generation energy management system that manages batteries and optimizes savings in behind-the-meter peak shaving applications.

Ratio Sizing & Finance Tool

The Ratio energy storage sizing and financing tool can be used to provide critical economic and operational data for solar + storage developers.

Nikola Power White Papers

Learn about the technology behind our tools. Our engineers utilize state-of-the-art methods in forecasting and optimization to build cutting-edge products.