Our team has developed cutting-edge algorithms to effectively optimize and manage commercial-scale batteries when combined with solar and grid power. Whether you’re an integrator, developer, or EPC, Nikola Power has the right tools for you.


The Intellect EMS

Nikola Power’s Energy Management System dynamically optimizes and controls battery energy storage systems (BESS) for specified applications. We utilize advanced control theories and machine learning to optimize battery dispatch for maximum operations & maintenance savings.

The Ratio Tool

Ratio is a web-based application that developers and financiers can use to model solar, storage, and solar + storage projects. It can determine the optimal size of a battery asset and critical financial outputs based on a customers’ existing load data, and uses the same cutting-edge algorithms that power Intellect to calculate peak shaving, energy arbitrage, and demand charge deductions for behind-the-meter systems.

Start analyzing solar + storage projects with Ratio now: