Nikola Power in the Spotlight

Nikola Power is excited to announce that Clean Energy Trust will lead our upcoming round of funding! 

In their most recent Investment Spotlight article, Clean Energy Trust explains why they are excited about what Nikola Power’s energy storage software platform can do for the solar plus storage market. Below is our brief summary of their reasons why. 

Now is the tipping point for the energy storage market: Lithium-ion batteries have recently reached a price point (dropping to below $200/kWh) where they can drive real savings for customers. This drop in price point has enabled the doubling and tripling of storage deployments in key states like California and have provided a textbook example of the value that storage can add to projects. The upcoming boom in the energy storage market has been most recently validated by the Wood Mackenzie U.S. Energy Storage Monitor report predicting the value of the energy storage market to double between 2019 and 2020 and become a $4.8 billion market by 2024. 

Nikola Power’s Software Solution Makes Storage Deployment Simpler: As many developers in today's industry can attest, quantifying the added value that energy storage adds to a project is complex and far from straight forward. Nikola Power’s software platform reduces this complexity by providing developers with a single solution that minimizes much of the complexity and delays developers face with storage projects. By connecting its software products and project financing within a single platform – Nikola Power’s software seamlessly translates EMS operational algorithms into savings projections while also eliminating the need to search for a project financier willing to work with a chosen EMS software.

Nikola Power Understands Project Developers: With over 20 years of combined experience developing and financing renewable energy projects, Nikola Power understands the needs and pain points developers face when deploying storage projects. We know the developer because we were the developer! For this reason we can confidently say that our platform is truly designed for the developer and helps reduce the difficulties they face when deploying energy storage projects. 

Want to talk to us in person? Be sure to stop by Nikola Power’s booth at Solar Power International in Salt Lake City from September 23rd - 26th.

Samantha Kemper