Hawaii: A Leader in Clean Energy

Hawaii was the 50th State to join the Union but the first to push to become 100% powered by renewable energy.  

I just returned from a quick business trip to Oahu and the City of Honolulu, where I had the opportunity to meet with renewable energy project developers, EPCs, local lawyers, and accountants. Nikola Power is an early mover in energy storage and is bringing to market a unique platform of software, services, and project finance to help developers, EPCs, and hardware players move projects from the white board to reality.  


Hawaii is front and center for energy storage, as net metering is no longer allowed and high energy costs are the norm. Businesses, governmental entities, and residents are all looking for a combination of solar & energy storage solutions to help them save money and deploy more renewables. In fact, all the local companies we met with stated nearly every project is now a solar & energy storage project.  

Nikola Power’s platform offers the Hawaian market players an array of solutions to meet customer demands, regulatory policies and future revenue opportunities as grid 2.0 takes hold. My approach to new markets like Hawaii is unique — it is something I learned many years ago as a grassroots organizer for political campaigns. We get local, we get real, and we do not put on the hard sell. We look to meet and understand local partners and see how we can add value to their business. My Hawaiian ambassador is a local BD superstar named Jim Kimo, who grew up on Oahu in Kailua and has developed a nice cadre of contacts, friends and business partners.   

Nikola Power’s lead engineer Dr. Mahdi Motalleb also received his PhD from the University of Hawaii, where he developed cutting edge demand response ideas. Our first software tools are designed to do two things: first, help developers size, price and develop a project; and second, operate and control the battery. Our algorithms will optimize the operations for maximum customer savings and investor return. Dr. Motalleb’s optimization algorithms are utilized in both our analysis tool and our operations tool — thereby reducing investor technology risk, which presents a significant differentiator from our competitors.  

I spent my 18th birthday, my honeymoon, and my 50th birthday on the Hawaiian Islands — and I could not be more excited to partner with great local companies and help them deliver successful solar and storage projects.

If you have renewable energy projects that need financing or want a demo of our energy storage analysis and optimization software, please reach out to me or my team directly.



Evan Hung