Old Dog — New Tricks

It can be done.

Techstars’ mentor-driven philosophy is a proven path to entrepreneur success. So far, the program and process has been incredibly productive but challenging as well. As an older entrepreneur, I can certainly tell you that coming up with good ideas is tough, but what I’ve learned recently is that ideas are the easy part — it’s the execution of those ideas that’s really tough. 

Using lessons learned from the “Lean Startup” philosophy, Nikola Power has been refining our core messages, learning our true value propositions, and most importantly empathetically discovering why our customers are shifting to energy storage. 

In addition to this, we have doubled down on targeting our core customers which will allow us to leverage our ability to stay focused and move quickly. Targeting specific customers and strategies that will lead to long-term growth can be scary for an entrepreneur like myself, who is tempted to chase good ideas from all corners. However, Techstars teaches, preaches, and hammers home the need to focus on our core — and they have been relentless and successful.  This old dog of an entrepreneur has learned some new tricks and I am excited to roll over and drive the next stage of Nikola Power’s growth. I cannot thank Techstars and their mentor-driven approach enough! 

Our thesis is that customers (schools, governments, businesses, residents) want to shift to more renewable energy and save money on their utility bills. If this resonates with you, will you help us drive our mission forward by spending a ½ hour with us, not selling or buying a product, but answering some key questions to determine market drivers, core problems you want solved, energy management services you need or want, and what are the key energy issues you deal with in your facility, business or home? We are eager to learn from you and build great solutions for the future of energy storage!

RIP Cooper (2008–2017), an old dog with great tricks.

RIP Cooper (2008–2017), an old dog with great tricks.

Evan Hung