From the CEO: Techstars (Week 2)


Drinking from the fire hose, redefined. I feel so energized, challenged, uplifted and supported by our Techstars cohort companies, staff, and mentors. This ecosystem is incredible and I no longer feel a sense of isolation and fear of the unknown. I can see the accelerator and Techstars model working for me and Nikola Power and I could not be more excited about our potential to build a wildly successful impact company.

I strongly encourage other entrepreneurs and those thinking about launching a business to learn more about Techstars. Entrepreneurs are changing the world and Techstars has the tools, knowledge, support network and partners to drive that success.

As a function of this process, we have been refining our elevator pitch — we'd love your feedback and thoughts on where we can improve:

Nikola Power Elevator Pitch (v3)

In order to tackle climate change, we need to harness more clean energy. 82% of people around the world want this — but how do you access solar power at night?

The answer lies in the form of batteries — but we don't make batteries, we make them operate better. I'm JW Postal, Founder and CEO of Nikola Power, a clean energy technology company.

When people think about batteries, they usually think of backup power.  But our software does more than that, we help customers like cities, schools, and businesses save up to 40% on their monthly utility bills, turning batteries into a solution that can help all energy customers transition to renewable energy and save money.  

Stay tuned for updates as the weeks continue!

–J.W. Postal, Founder & CEO


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