Midwest Solar Expo 2018

Four years ago, I gave a keynote address at this event, talking about the exciting new community solar program. Today, that program has delivered over 100 MWs of clean renewable community solar to the State of Minnesota. 

This year, I was at the Expo talking about the next great frontier in renewables: energy storage. Nikola Power was selected to participate in the Expo’s Start Up Showcase and I was asked to speak on the Distributed Energy Resource Panel as well.  

Minnesota is wonderful place, with great people, traditions, and community spirit. The New York Times Columnist, Thomas Friedman, talks about his hometown of St. Louis Park and other communities in and around the State as something special, a place that values civic involvement, religious freedom, education, and citizens working together to build communities and improve lives.  

I am excited to again be working in on projects and policy in Minnesota. A win-win solution on renewables and energy storage is the next big thing coming to Minnesota. In a State rich in industrial and food production as well as public education and strong universities, energy storage and solar is a natural fit. Shifting the time and use of clean renewable power generated during the day is key tool companies, governments and resident can better manage their monthly electric bills. These energy storage assets are also a huge benefit to Xcel and other utilities. Distributed microgrids and batteries managed with smart algorithms can be much lower cost assets when compared to expensive distribution and transmission grid upgrades. 

If you are looking for a partner for your energy storage questions or needs, please reach out for us to arrange a talk.  

–J.W. Postal, Founder & CEO

Evan Hung