Solar Power International 2017

Las Vegas is a fun but overwhelming place to hold a major conference. This was my 9th SPI, so I have seen the industry grow, struggle, duck, dive, dip, and thrive again. The city's venues are top notch — but the sheer size, heat, and chaos of the city can be tough to manage when doing business. Nevertheless, we all preserve and "suffer" through 3 days in Vegas. 

This is my first SPI as a CEO of my own company which is thrilling, fun, and a bit scary. The push for meetings, conversations, and all important party invites are now all for my own company. 

However, it's an amazing event — I ran into old friends, colleagues, and clients as well as new partners all within one hallway on the way to find coffee! Despite the backdrop of today's political climate and an on-going industry trade case, the buzz at the show was overwhelming positive. We have reached a tipping point where the momentum towards a clean energy future for our country and the rest of the world was surging at SPI. 

Nikola Power's entry into the growing space of Solar + Storage seems almost too perfect. Investors, customers, manufactures, and the media were all talking about the combination of Energy Storage and renewables and how it can finally drive the true adoption of clean energy — it's clear that energy storage can make our vision of a 100% renewable energy-powered world a reality. On the day I spoke on a panel about Energy Storage Finance, it was inspiring to see a packed house with audience members asking excellent questions — SPI is a must-go conference and I look forward to many more in the future.

– JW Postal, Founder/CEO

Evan Hung