We Are Still In – Are You?

In my previous post, I wrote about how it was time for leaders to lead. Well, just days after Trump's decision to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement, thousands of leaders across the U.S. galvanized into action by joining forces to reduce carbon emissions. Leaders – such as mayors, governors, business leaders, and college presidents – took matters into their own hands and vowed continued commitment to the agreement in an open letter to the world. The list of signatories increases every single day — you can become one too, sign up here

Nikola Power is proud to be among the signatories (over 200 cities, businesses, and states) raising our voice because a 100% clean-powered world will bring global jobs, stability, and prosperity; that's what we're all about. As CEO, I'm stepping up to the plate and leading Nikola towards driving innovation, job creation, and community involvement. But we can't do this alone — remember, you too can do more.

I want Nikola to be a strong part of the Colorado community. For our first team building activity, we decided to take it literally and build something with our bare hands. So the team and I volunteered at the Beloved Community Village, Denver’s first self-governing tiny home village dedicated to helping the homeless reestablish their place in the community by renewing their purpose and restoring their dignity. The village has a goal of being 100% solar with panels providing lights and power for heating and cooling units, and we’re excited to help them achieve this goal as best we can.


Our team spent the day building tiny homes alongside the future occupants as well as other volunteers. We hammered, sawed, and used multiple power tools, which was half of the fun. The other half was from the meaningful work we felt we were contributing to this great project. Nikola Power’s team was amazing, working in the hot sun, but determine to help lead the way for those in our community that need help. I am excited that we turned our frustration over the Paris Climate Agreement into action. 

Are you ready to lead? It is easy; find a local project, find out more about the “We Are Still In” campaign, and sign on – it is time for leaders to lead. 






Evan Hung