U.S. Energy Storage Summit 2017

Last week, J.W. Postal, Ben McConahey, and Evan Hung from the Nikola Power team attended the GTM U.S. Energy Storage Summit in San Francisco. Our Founder & CEO, J.W. Postal, presented our company and its technology on the main stage and was very well received. It was amazing to see the number of attendees and how excited people are about the possibilities of energy storage — it further reinforced our belief in the possibility of a 100% renewable-powered world and we are extremely excited to be at the forefront of that journey.

We also received some market validation in the form of interest from large strategic partners in Europe. During the conference, we met with a number of individuals leading sizable funds looking to invest in energy storage players like Nikola Power. These meetings are wonderful for us to begin building a foundation for future capital investment, beyond our recently closed seed round, to scale our technology and development initiatives — we are excited to evaluate options like this as we continue to grow.

At the summit, we had the opportunity to listen to leading minds in energy storage on topics such as the evolution of energy storage in the U.S., the role of energy storage in the grid of the future, and the development of new energy storage ownership models. At the moment, California is leading the way with energy storage adoption (behind-the-meter and utility scale) and utilization, but other states are beginning to adopt solutions at a rapid pace.

From the size of the crowd and the excitement and energy in room at the GTM U.S. Energy Storage Summit, it is clear that energy storage is truly the next frontier in renewable energy. In 2018, our goal is to meet potential partners as well as people and companies who are interested in collaboration. If anyone would like to learn more about the tools Nikola Power has in development or the markets we are targeting for solar and storage projects, please email J.W. Postal at jw.postal@nikolapower.com.

Evan Hung