SELF Annual Report

We were extremely excited to receive the following note this week about the work the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) has done in 2016. It's incredibly rewarding to see organizations like this doing impactful work around the world and bringing renewable energy solutions to local communities.


2016 Annual Report

October 17, 2017

Dear Friends & Supporters,

I am pleased to present SELF's 2016 Annual Report to you. You will see that this version is a little different from previous years. Of course, we share our accomplishments, but this time we also bring you personal essays written by several of our dedicated staff. This format change is in response to a survey we conducted last year. In it, we were told by a majority of respondents that they want to hear stories from the field. I hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I have.

Some of SELF's highlights from 2016:

  • In Northern Benin, we installed a 12th Solar Market Garden (SMG) and Micro-enterprise Center (MEC) between the villages of Lou and Danganzi, and we installed three new clean water stations in the Kalalé District.
  • In Haiti, we began restoring solar electricity to 12 health centers on Haiti's Southwest Coast that were damaged by Hurricane Matthew, and we continued solarizing the Haitiain vaccine cold chain to assure that inoculations are widely available. We also witnessed the launch of the micro-grid that SELF installed for homes and businesses in Haiti's Central Plateau. In preparation for the opening of the National Solar Training Center in Port-au-Prince in 2017, we finalized and translated the training curriculum from English to French.
  • In terms of innovation, we engineered an energy harvest device that can safely divert surplus electricity from solar direct-drive vaccine refrigerators to help power medical equipment and lights in remote clinics around the world. 

   The full report can be accessed here:

SELF's accomplishments in 2016 are a testament to our determination to make a significant contribution to help eradicate energy poverty and mitigate climate change. We are empowered by the knowledge that supporters like you are partnering with us on this important endeavor. So, when you read this 2016 SELF Annual Report, the credit goes to you as well for the inroads we made in 2016. I look forward to what we will accomplish in the future!

Evan Hung