Why Work with Nikola Power?

Nikola Power is a pioneer in the energy storage and solar space — with over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, we know what it takes to start, manage, and optimize projects. Our solutions are designed to incorporate renewable energy and energy storage solutions to provide public power utilities with reliable and responsive power.

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WhAt We Do

Our solutions enable you to satisfy customer demand for lower energy costs and a cleaner environment. We can help you leverage the benefits of energy storage into a new or existing renewable energy power plant. We will work with you to identify and address your power system needs such as load shifting, voltage control, frequency regulation, integration of renewable resources like solar or wind, or postponing expensive infrastructure upgrades.


Our Experience

The Nikola Power team has developed, financed, constructed, and operated over 1 GW of solar, wind, and battery storage projects around the world.


Patented Technology

Nikola Power possesses patented algorithms that can bring increased efficiencies and improve financial performance to energy-storage projects.

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